For our corporate and SME clients, we provide management of omni-channel marketing and service communication from the design of the appearance of the communication to the actual delivery to customers and processing of their answers.

Thanks to the flexibility of our own CommHub platform, we implement a whole range of campaigns from a simple marketing newsletter, comprehensive service communication through mandatory communications sensitive to the delivery guarantee to complete upsell/cross-sell and acquisition sales solutions in the form of business services.

Our professional team of campaign and CX managers is ready to handle every challenge facing our clients in the field of communication and client service through external channels.

Creation and management of omni-channel communications

Focus your energy only on WHAT and WHO you want to communicate to achieve your business goal. And we will design, prepare and implement a complete omni-channel communication for you following your design manual, respecting the optimal customer path and cost preference using the available channels: e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, FB Messenger, Viber, PUSH, WEB, PRINT.

Based on A / B testing and detailed monitoring of specified KPIs (e.g. delivery, conversion) implemented marketing or service communications, we propose options for their CX optimization, channel mix changes, distribution times or modifications to segmentation rules on the client’s side.

360 ° communication history and client profile

Do not operate expensive and complicated ODS or integrated databases for recording and archiving communication history. Our solution naturally stores every two-way interaction with your customer realized through CommHUB or even an external channel. Our solution naturally stores every two-way interaction with your customer realized through CommHUB or even an external channel.

For each interaction, we can store all meta-data about the course as well as the detailed content of the communication itself for a long time and based on a defined retention period.

Each of your customer service systems (branch application, contact centre desktop, …) will be able to inquire in real-time about any communication to the client, regardless of whether made via mail, digital external channel or internal channel.

OnDemand customer self-service zone

For your customers who refuse or are not repeatedly active in your private zones, offer a new alternative in serving the customer outside your call centre and stone branches. We enable a new form of safe operation and sales with the necessary level of verification and security.

Thanks to our platform, we can securely integrate with your systems and ensure fully automated processing of, for example, receivables, changes in contact details or product sales.

The satisfaction and loyalty of your customers will increase thanks to the fact that they will actively and barrier-free communicate with you where they are naturally reachable and do not have to remember dozens of access accounts.

Interactive sales and operation automated using artificial intelligence.

The number of interactions with your customers is rising sharply, as are the costs of their assisted service and implementation of new self-service processes in your private customer zones. Start conceptually building artificial intelligence-driven service and sales through chat or voice. For our clients, we implement a self-service platform with artificial intelligence and two-way management of the conversation with the client using existing data and interfaces to its internal systems.

Chatbot / VoiceBot – conversation with the customer using existing data and interfaces to the client’s internal systems via Instant Messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Viber, FB messenger, …),

MessageBot – automatic processing of incoming communication, its sorting, creation of a response proposal and in selected cases fully automated creation and sending of a response back to the customer.

Active digitization of client communication and detailed reporting of set KPIs

Take advantage of the arrival of "New Normal" and start purposefully motivating your customers with controlled digital communication so that they can convert from print to fully digital in a short time.

Rules for the preparation of documents for printing and postal operators require complex logic and high data processing efficiency.

We understand this process of preparing documents for print, and therefore we can implement optimal strategies for its targeted digitization.

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