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For the last more than a decade, a large part of us was intensively involved in the omni-channel and CRM platforms design, implementation or their management in large finance or telco companies. As a result, we have experienced the first changes of serving end customers as well as the mass transition from printed towards digital communication.

In recent years, especially since COVID, there has been another massive step regarding policies and needs in client communication management.

Many companies may perceive it as a challenge when combining a complex internal IT environment with a significantly increasing digital communication, including a growing number of external channels and the need for automation by artificial intelligence to the full extent in addition with continuous pressure to reduce IT investment costs.


We at Digitance believe the main factors for sustainable and efficient communication and the end customer service to succeed are:

  • managing client communication from one place – from design to carrying it out and analytics,
  • making more than 90% of innovations and changes to client communication instantly and without the need to interfere with IT changes on legacy systems,
  • breaking the division of operation and communication dependent on internal channels and create a hybrid mix btw. external channels/platforms and personal assistants while using AI to the max

We are sure that now is the right time for innovation of client communication architecture and should be a priority for any company with a customer-centric approach and business strategy.


To create something completely new, we put together a team with a vision, the right mindset, different skills, personal stories, business experience and technical knowledge. One thing we always place at the centre of our attention is the end client.

The Digitance team started almost in a greenfield while breaking the limits of older systems based on a document-centric approach or the boundaries of modern cloud solutions, often narrow and only for a particular part of client communication. However, thanks to advanced and unconventional technologies, we managed to create an open modular platform that adopted the most modern IT architecture and a unique ecosystem of technology and business partnerships.

Today, there is two-way communication btw. our clients and their end clients via our platform conventionally in paper, through e-mail, SMS, PUSH, personalized video to Whatsapp, RCS, onDemand zone, ChatBOT and MessageBOT.

The constant development of the CommHUB platform and cooperation with technological partners gives our clients a guarantee that they can benefit from innovations and new communication channels without additional investments.


We implement measures that lead to maintaining and continuous improvement of the quality management system according to ISO 9001 and the information security management system according to ISO / IEC 27001. At the same time, our business continuity management system is implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22301: 2019 standard.

  • Certificate ISO 9001 TUV SUD
  • Certificate ISO 27001 TUV SUD
  • Certificate ISO 22301:2019

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